Javelin Septic Tank Activator, 946mL JL1020

by Javelin
SKU JL1020
Javelin Septic Tank Activator prevents clogs and increases iological activity in spetic tanks, septic beds and grease traps.

The strongest bio-enzymatic drain maintainer on the market today. Javelin Septic Tank Activator utilizers a natural process to safely maintain drain lines, grease traps, septic systems, and sludge ponds. Highest bug count on the market! Packed with waste-eating bacteria, containing 150,000,000 per milliliter, making it the strongest biological maintainer available today. Enzymatic activity goes to work immediately to break down waste matter and help the bacteria digest and eliminate drain restrictions. The bacteria strains in this septic tank activator have been carefully selected to eat meats, vegetable matter, grease, fat and organic matter. Javelin Septic Tank Activator contains bacteria strains that will thrive and eat waste with or without oxygen present in the water. Even the most competitive products can't make this claim!

These bacteria are also certified to be non-pathogenic (won't cause disease) and salmonella-free. For use in: septic tanks, grease traps, slow-running drains (especially in areas where grease and fats are present), sludge lagoons and ponds, lift stations and wet wells, recreational vehicle waste systems and portable toilets

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