Javelin Nut And Bolt Loosener, 567g (JA1010 DA6152)

by Javelin
SKU JA1010
Javelin Nut and Bolt Loosener is a high-performance penetrating oil that cleans, lubricates, protects and displaces water. There is no better penetrating oil on the market today when working in damp, dirty, greasy, wet conditions. Faster than other leading brands at displacing water; Can be used to dry out electrical components such as relays, circuit breakers and shorted ignition systems. Big Blast Pin-Stream Delivery allows for precise application in dificult to reach areas. Colour: Dark Amber to Brown. Odour: Chlorinated.

Recommended For Use On: Rusted, frozen nut and bolt assemblies, Hinges, rollers, conveyors and pulleys in damp environments, Saws, drills, shop tools, and electric motors - the high dielectric strength is safer than the competition, Control linkages and cables, Engine and engine accessory nut and bolt assemblies, threaded studs

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