Javelin Tub and Sink Treatment 946 mL (JL1000) (PACK OF 6)

by Javelin
SKU JL1000T06

Javelin - Tub and Sink Drain Treatment (JL1000T06)

Attacks clogs to restore drain lines to full flow capacity. Javelin - Tub and Sink Drain Treatment is the strongest liquid alkaline, non-sulfuric drain opener on the market.


  • Heavier than any liquid alkaline drain opener -- It bores right through standing water to the clog where it is needed -- others aren't as heavy and become diluted before hitting the clog
  • Maximum Strength --Twice as strong as any alkaline drain opening in a liquid form on the market today
  • Safe on plumbing -- compatible with PVC, cast iron, copper, and ABS drain lines, rubber seals, porcelain and is safe for use in grease traps and septic systems
  • Fresh lemon scent --deodorizes as it cleans, unlike acid-based openers


  • Opens clogs formed by paper, clothing, cigarette butts and cooking grease in kitchen and food processing areas in one shot - others require repeat applications
  • Quickly restores fouled grease traps
  • Opens and maintains drain lines in HVAC condensate pans
  • Maintains drinking fountin lines and opens bathroom clogs formed by soap scum and hair in showers and sinks without any harsh odours
  • specially formulated to dissolve material buildup in x-ray film processing drain lines

Previously sold as Clearline (YL4800) & So-Drox (DL1560) in Canada.

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