Javelin Urinal Drain Treatment - 946ml (JL1010) (PACK OF 6)

by Javelin
SKU JL1010

Javelin - Urinal Drain Treatment - 946ml

Javelin™ Urinal Drain Treatment is a drain opener and maintainer designed to tackle urinal drain blockages and restrictions. Urinal drains are subject to repeated buildup of uric acid salts, which form hard and difficult-to-remove deposits inside drain lines, resulting in blockages and foul odors. Javelin™ Urinal Drain Treatment eliminates the time-consuming work of mechanically removing these deposits, keeping urinal drains flowing free and eliminating nasty odors.


  • Restores and Maintains Urinal Drain Flow - Quickly breaks down hard uric acid salt deposits
  • Saves Labour Cost and Time- Eliminates the need for urinal removal and mechanical drain opening
  • Eliminates Foul Odours - Destroys the source of urinal odour
  • Prevents Future Buildup  - Leaves behind a protective, non-stick coating that prevents restrictions from forming. Javelin™ Urinal Drain Treatment clings to pipes and urinal bowls 


  • Urinal drains - use to restore and maintain drain flow and eliminate foul odours 

Previously sold as Free-Flow (DL4450) & Free-Flush (YL4820) in Canada.

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